Johnny had many releases

It certainly was  a Happy Time . ♫

Their first HIT was Crossfire Hurricane !

The very first album. Take your Pick…

red river rock search

As you can see, this release was treated as a cash cow from the onset.

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cash cow

Their Second Album

signed a

Wikipedia has the downlow…

german j and h site 1             Go here For Germany information about Johnny’s labels, LPs & 45’s

This Google iTool will translate web pages

Carl Conaster & the Thunders

Here is the group that wasn’t recognized in the earliest days of Johnny and the Hurricanes’ beginnings…

   Here are two tracks we got from Conatser/Young. During his time in the Army (1958) Carl had the idea for this Reveille Rock. He wrote Beatnik Fly on behalf of Ramal / Balk.
Carl Conaster wrote Buckeye, Bam Boo and arranged together with Bill Ramal the organ sound for Reveille Rock, Beatnik Fly and Revival. He recorded Reveille Rock and Beatnik Fly at first with his band 1959
  Bill Ramal was the arranger of Johnny and the Hurricanes, he used for the recordings a lot of studio musicians. He yelled on Reveille Rock: Alright you guys rise and shine. He played also the sax.
  Bill Ramal told us, “Carl had the idea for a real rocking organ instrumental. He used ‘Reveille’ and ‘Blue Tail Fly’. ”    B. Young

I received 4 songs that were studio session rejects. All four were different. Like an original artist’s rendering, some things are real apparent. Long rides, lead parts inferior, coming in at wrong times and muffing notes. The guys said their fingers were sore and bleeding after long hours of recording. Been there… done that. After analyzing the songs, its hard to perceive when and where the studio musicians were involved. I guess only the guys who were there can tell us. The original musicians, still on this side of the grass, are Paul Tesluk and Don Staczek. I can’t get hold of them probably because they don’t want to be bothered with it all. Dave Yorko always shied away from the public. Future generations will have to analyze the songs and make it a quest to delineate the many musicians and instruments involved. I have here an example of song #2.

I use this great, free program to view any music and make changes. There’s a learning curve but there are many, many tutorials out there.

ramal back

JATH+Brass_Contract AAnd this… is Irving,  Johnny and the Hurricanes’ manager


johnny & hurricanes hamburg 62
These are the guys who were on the same stage with the Beatles for several weeks… ( I remember Bobby’s coat. It was the second time I saw that fleece coat.  It had 3 shades of brown. )

hurricanes berlin germany stage

ray whelan cops 64
Ray Whelan gets invited to the Berliner club.

Johnny gets interviewed at a Radio Hamburg show.

last appearance
Somewhere, after this time, Johnny called me to audition. It was after Johnny went across the pond and the band wasn’t too happy with the way things were going. I remember Bobby telling me they just got back from playing with the Beatles and he was referring to the earlier performance in 1962/63.

johnny called me

chicago 63 dodge bozoscreamin bonafede 1

Lots of illegal bootlegs were keeping Johnny and the Hurricanes music, and videos, off the internet.  Sonja Reuter Pocisk, Johnny’s widow, explained that to me. Of course, if this money belonged to anyone it belonged to Johnny. He fought for those rights fiercely, from early on. It was disparaging to see the recordings all disappear from the net but it had to be….

No. 14, Still played today !

You Are My Sunshine … Johnny and the Hurricanes were one of the first Rock and Roll instrumental groups to work with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. This is an example of what can happen to a five piece band….with real ‘Oomph’ behind it !

This is the best grouping for the earliest and biggest set…


definitive adefinitive bdefinitive c


Bell Sound, 6 extra horns… New York City, 1960

The Kid and Mister Irving

J&H Contract The KidsPaul Tesluk

Paul Tesluk Name Change

Video of Paul Tesluk. Fund raiser for Paul Cappelletty, 1990s

fake folk
Some folks don’t like fake folk…


There were some that weren’t folk… and they did pretty well.

Don Staczek, Original Drummer for  Johnny and the Hurricanes, 1959 remembers these recordings, in particular…Don Recorded Songs

1962 hamburg songs vol 1 a

——— ( John Hendrick… )
I am the German guy who made the notes during the Star Club concert on the 22nd Dec. 1962
————– Danke John ! —————

Pictured below, left, is Eddie Waganfeald. He was really talented on those black and whites… Here he wails on an organ lead.

1962 eddie waganfeald bobby star club

bobby beatles star club mic
Here you see Bobby Cantrall using the same mic as John Lennon, just hours before the Beatles’ last gig at the Star Club !

beatles cd front

beatles cd back

Johnny and the Hurricanes called the ” Dominoes ” for legal reasons.

the dominoes xmas horse 2

No Dominoes in this line up !

NO Dominoes Here


Bobby John Star_club_1962

Hear them live here… 

             The next Hamburg Live album was done, and this is a song sung by me. I had only done it about 4 times but the audiences wanted to hear it ” NOW ” !

Johnny ordered 1,600 Atila 1030 LPs…

We probably gave away 1,500.

tom m star club hand outjohnny-and-the-hurricanes-atila-abAlbum Songs Les


cd cover fan club 2

former hurricanes 001Ace has this CD set for sale here

The Saga of the Beatles, Psychedelic Worm, and Red River Rock ’67,  were recorded by Johnny Paris, Bobby Cantrall, Butch Cook, Les Todd McDonald Sr. and Phil Crites.

rrr 67 worm

Those same guys recorded the 45’s seen below…. I wrote Judys Moody and was over-dubbed on the beginning with Johnny’s singing. He knew that if it became a hit he surely did not want my personal voice on the release. This was a book series, USA, that was a neat coincidence…

Judys Moody McDonald

atila records45cat

Seems funny that a song called Walk Away Renée came out the very same year that we put out our recording called Rene…. I’m reminded that Johnny’s manager said he would ruin him if he didn’t re-sign his contract…

because i love herBecause I love Her was recorded by this group in Chicago. I did not know it was released.(Seriously though… I had nothing to do with Wisdom’s Fifth Take.) I wrote and sang on Tall, Blonde and Mine. No credits though.

Atila Records Canceled CopyrightsCopyright Cancelled 2020 1

I was always hoping to become a successful song writer and see my name on an actual record. Here are a few few songs I wrote.

wall 8 2015 aI admit… I really miss my old Stratocaster… It was my first electric guitar.

decator lounge strat

I miss Rock and Roll !

There are quite a few Hamburg 1030 albums with surprises inside. Some have this insert.

hamburg album insert

bobby les beatlesJohnny-And-The-Hurricanes

beatles back to star club

Johnny Choke



beatles yeah yeah
Beatles is all we hear


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