Crossfire was mentioned in a Rolling Stones’ song,

along with Hurricane !


-The Trump-Russia Investigation-

                       Hardly a coincidence since the Beatles and the Stones were well aware of the rock group from America, hitting the big time,

      Around the world..

So… the Trump-Russia Investigation gets a secret name.

Crossfire Hurricanes 001

Most of the people involved in the justice department in our capitol, are of the age of these popular, movement groups. Picking a secret name to call their endeavor was easy for them.

john crossing to berlin
Johnny Paris and the Hurricanes were one of the very few American entertainers, to legally enter in to Socialist, East Berlin, to perform.        Louis Armstrong was another.

Louis East Berlin


This was a tune which did not incorporate a “well-known vintage song from the past”. The Hurricanes were admonished for those tunes by critics, even though  musicians loved to learn those parts. J & H 8 and 9b

J & H 8 and 9c
(excerpts from ACE CD FORCE booklets)

Learn to playWhiskey New Song 1

Easily recognizable and remembered, they became a mainstay for young players who spent hours in front of their 45 record players, scratching and plowing their way through every note on that spinning, black-plastic disc, as I did…

Les 13 C
Thanks Dave Yorko

This is Dave Yorko and me… listen to the great applause !

dave26lesreunionstageaDave Newspaper Obit Picture


Promo 1966 & 1980 B

♪  Les plays acoustic guitar to Kawliga and Detroit City

I listened to this old rendition of ‘The Bandstand Theme‘ for many decades.

Here you see, and hear it played, by me, on an acoustic guitar. ♫

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Johnny says Farewell…..