I’m One of the 300

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1959 by van all

They Started a Crossfire Hurricane !

Johnny said he had 300 guys in his band

Actually, it was 100 or so…

1959- Johnny Paris, saxophone,  Johnny Paris  RIP 5-2003.

                                    Paul Tesluk, Hammond organ, RIP 8-2022. Paul Tesluk original J&H keyboards, returned a much welcomed call. I called him back and had a great discussion ! 🎧Paul Tesluk


Dave Yorko Dave Yorko Obit 003, lead guitar, Rip 2017,

Social Media in Toledo Ohio. – Dave starts at 1:12 –

Butch Mattice on bass.

Former Hurricanes get together one last time  2002.


Some Toledo Radio listeners wanted to see the DJs who supported this show…


Earliest drummers include Don Staczek A Don Staczek, 1959,  seen here with a “much-sought-after” autographed

Tony Packo’s bun !   

Don Staczek wife Packos
Tony Kay left the group during the summer of ’59 just as Red River Rock was climbing the charts. That’s when I rejoined the group, cut the first album, and had the first appearance on the Dick Clark and Alan Freed shows. The managers fired me just in time to go back to college, that’s when Little Bo stepped in. The rest as they say is history.
Don Staczek.
Don has remained active, playing drums for 40 plus years and has recently been involved in recording on “CD Baby: WILSON LAKE & THE ROCK BASS

Tony Kaye,   Early J and H Tony

and Bill “Little Bo” Savich Lil Bo Savitch RIP  1-4-2002

Tommy Curran, Bass Early J and H Tommy from the Raging Storms.
Louis H Carr, 1959 (guitar)RIP 1-8-2010, also from Raging Storms band.Louis Carr sml
DennisDennis Coffey Gretsch Coffey 
( studio guitarist ) played on Mad Mad World and Money Money,
Bucky PizzarelliBucky Pizzarelli (studio guitarist),

Bill Ramal Ramal YELLS Studio sax, producer, who yelled,  “Alright You Guys, Rise and Shine ! …..   On their big hit song “ Reveille Rock

Billy Butler Honkey TonkBilly Butler (studio guitarist) 1960 plays his big hit Honky Tonk.  All the young guitarists I know were learning it as well as they could. My friend, Bill Stewart, did a very good rendition at the 2002 Former Hurricanes reunion in Toledo…

Johnny Gibson featured on Farewell Farewell, 1962 (studio keyboards)Johnny Gibson Georgia


Lynn Bruce Barry Lynn Bruce (drums) 1960, Below, color picture from 1961

Fascinators 1961 Bamboo

Below, Color photo  from 1964Fascinators 1

BobbyBillyJohn Star Club 4 Pod

Jim Pocisk jim drake aka Jim Drake 1960 (drums) – Johnny Paris’ Brother, RIP ….

Beatles Excerpts A

Rod Cox Richards 1960 (future guitar player for the Rare Earth),


Chuck Seiple, chuck seiple 1960, on the bass.

Bobby Ignatowski  1960, on bass. Bobby told me that the Beatles asked him which song they should open with in America. He told them, ” She Loves You “… because, Bobby said, ” He thought that the German version sounded risque when hearing the title sung, and THAT would be ‘catchy’  to Americans.” bobbybeatles

bobby partied

Jim Robinson (drums), Eddie Waller (bass),  Chuck -Little Chuck- Chittenden, 1961J&H Poster PA Musicians 1961

Edward Waganfeald, 1961   RIP 2018 (organ), edward waganfeald

Billy Marsh, 1961 aka William Wolfe (guitar), billy marsh

Bruce Sherer, 1961    RIP 1981 (drums). bruce 8 6 64

Jerry Pynckel jerry pynckel 68 1961  lead guitar,  Butch left the group first, Paul stayed on leaving the group later. Lynn Bruce left the group at an even later date. Butch was replaced with Chuck Seiple, Paul was replaced with Eddie Waganfeald and Lynn Bruce was replaced with drummer Jim Robinson and then Johnny’s brother, Jim-Drake-Pocisk. Chuck Seiple left the group and was replaced for a short time with Eddie Waller. All were from Toledo. This line-up spiral began in early 1961 or late 1960.  [ Leaving Johnny and the Hurricanes, which was something I did not want to do… but had to, has ended up as one of the biggest regrets of my life.  Jerry Pynckel  ]

1964  Paul, Sonny Brickman ( bass ) brickman

1964 Ray Whelan ( organ ) RIP 2019 Ray Whelan 64

1964 Ron Crosser… Lead Guitar Ron Crosser

Hurricanes play in Berlin.  First gig Kiel… then crossing to East Berlin. First American band to play in East Germany, 1964, at the largest venue known at that time.

john crossing to berlin

hurricanes berlin germany stage

Johnny and the Hurricanes return to the USA to tour in their new Dodge/trailer vehicle. Three of the guys quit the band,


Station Wagon 1964 1

        “You got it now…LES !”

The future of the band was going to depend on vocals. Johnny hired two decent singers. If Johnny was going to succeed he needed to perform, write and record vocals like the newest wave hitting the rock and roll scene…

Joining the Hurricanes, as drummer, is

Frank “Butch” Cook ….

then, Les Todd McDonald Sr. [aka Les Long, here],

hired as lead guitar and lead singer,

 to take Ron Crosser’s place, in November of 1964.

chicago les marquee

 ◾1963 to 1966, Frank “Butch” Cook 64 madison butch(drums),


■ 1964 to 1966, Phil Crites RIP 11-2022



64 madison phil (organ),

Les Todd McDonald  Sr.   (guitar), 64 madison les 1964-1966


◾ Doug Gifford (drums) 1966 to 1967

Doug Everly Bros

Joey Dee Johnny Bobby


Les Catholic Club

The Catholic Club, in Toledo, Ohio, was one of the last gigs I played with the Hurricanes. 1966

Les 1963 Article 

Mike Baginski (guitar)baginski 1966

Tom Turvey (bass)turvey 1966

Larry Hutchison larry hutchison gretsch (guitar)

Brian Sauer, 1966 ( B-3 ), 

Bill Stewart, 1967 Bill.jpg (guitar)

1967 Paul Cappellety -RIP- paul c  (bass),

1967-Gary Bellaire -RIP- (organ),    Gary Atlanta

A few decades later, Gary Bellaire, Paul Cappelletty, Bill Stewart and I… played in a very successful rock band in Toledo, Ohio… The fire department shut down our nightclub because of over capacity. lol OOPS Beaver Club 77 C

John Louicki, 1967  (guitar)john louiki,

◾1968-Bob Lee Currier (bass), bobby lee and johnny

I went to high school with Bobby Lee. I watched his dad perform at a local country bar when I was 12, and with my parents. Bobby and me got together after we had both played in the Hurricanes, at one time time or another, and we had a great country-rock group for several years. A popular TV show in Toledo, Ohio asked us to be on their feature one day. It was a very fun time in our lives as old, close friends.

Bobby Lee and Johnny stage Dave Metzker                         Brian Sauer (Sour)                         Mike Miller       1968

Arnie Elton- Keyboards 1968 Arnie Elton '68

1969- Osie Bucklin osie bucklin (drums) RIP August 25, 2013

1969- Jim Butler (lead guitar) RIP 2006

◾1970-Ken Sahadi RIP 4-8-2015 ken obit (bass),

1970, Dave Shofar (Keyboards), 039 Rolling Stone Magazine Randy Felow

■ 1970- Scott Covrett, (guitar) 039 Rolling Stone Magazine Scott Everet

Chuck LeVally, (drums), 1970 RIP 8-1-85 chuck l

Ken, Dave, Scott and Chuck were featured in the Rolling Stones Magazine Picture !rolling stone magazine 2

◾1971-Dennis Scarbrough (drums)dennis s

1974 Jeff Eggert jeff eggert (drums)

Hal ” CHOPS ” Hedges, 1973 keyboards RIP at 43… chops 2


Jerry David Stoval, 1973 jerry david stoval

Perry Palmer, 1973 (drums)perry palmer

◾1973-Duane Thomas duane 1964 ohio  (guitar),

Vince Perna oops ii a (organ) Gary Bellaire and Vince Perna Gary and Vince 2

ralph-terranaRalph Terrana, 1973  (keyboards)  ,

Doug Perkins, 1973 doug perkins sig(guitar),

Bob Nyswonger, 1973 bob nyswonger (bass),

Rob Shannon, 1973 ( drums )rob shannon

Dave Athanas, 1973 dave athanas(second guitar),  Dave, drums,

◾Tom Martin, 1973 tom martins gibson (guitar) ,

Dwight Grifka, 1973 Dwight Grifka (organ )

Mike Counterman, 1975 mike counterman  Lead guitar… RIP July 12, 2016,

Timothy Richter ,1977  timothy richter  (bass) ,

Mike Shaw (organ)◾1978-Marc Kruger (guitar), marc kruger 

ted sotnyk Ted Sotnyk, 1978 (drums)

◾1980-Tony Raw (bass) , Johnny Paris, Mick Brady (drums), Steve Clark [Eddy] RIP 10-14-2012 (keyboards), Ricky Gee (lead guitar, backing vocals and lead vocals), Peter Franken (keyboards)uk hurricanes 2

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◾1981-Terry Clemson,      terry clemson 1981

◾1983-Klaus Wecker (bass), Manfred Noll (drums), Werner Grabowski (lead guitar) and Steven Getten (keyboards)2005

1995 J&H Stage B3

◾1990-Edwin Hettinger (keyboards), Bernd Ohnesorge (bass),

Joja Wendt joja wendt piano(piano),Dick Byrd (lead guitar),

Roy Dyke (drums)roy dyke.

Reunion UK 91Germany with Yorko

They played many gigs with a keyboarder AND a pianist for a fatter sound.

◾1993-Bernd  Ohnesorgebernd_ohnesorge_01 (bass),

Thomas Meltzer thomas meltzer  (lead guitar),

◾2005-Edwin Hettinger hettinger3(keyboards),

 Mick Brady, Heiko Siebert (lead guitar),


Here’s the long list of the Hurricanes musicians… 300 List 2023 R

65_66 2

j and h yoyo


Promo-Vests cowboy

012 bachman remembers hurricanes

johnny winter j and h


iggy liked hurricanes

The AUTEURS album and Johnny and The Hurricanes, the record’s masterpiece. The albums closes with two fantastic songs Lights Out (again I find the acoustic version in the bonuses the better one) and Future Generation  Auteurs “How I Learned To Love The Bootboys

auteurs 1

John thought HE was the Hurricanes…and never again, had the fame the earlier guys created. Mike Love Johnny Parisjohncrapper

 020 waylon search

Waylon played bass for Buddy Holly.

Here’s an amusing tale of woe…

Some great shows were Using Johnny and the Hurricanes media tune on Planes Trains and Automobiles


You can hear Red River Rock in the background on the Sopranos…

Sopranos The Ride…the ride

Once the 2020 decade started, there were still quite a few former Hurricanes surviving. Three of the original guys had  passed on… Johnny, Butch and Dave… Here is the 1965 group singing their Kinks version of  ‘You Really Got Me’ ( Which, by the way, was one of the songs on the J&H ‘Star-Club’ album ).

Kinks Words about Survivor Johnny and the Hurricanes

Kinks CD Cover

Wikipedia has the information about their ‘Rock Opera’… 

This was, most certainly… A Bridge in Time !

Burton Cummings

Bridge in Time

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Elton John included Johnny and the Hurricanes’ sound in his recordings.

25 years elton john

25 Years A2

trivial persuitLearn to play2Red River Valley Tesluk

Les Jerry LeeLes Al 64 sml


◾” It was in the 80’s… Johnny’s dad dies… brother drowns… he was being called an imposter… divorce… suicidal thoughts… he slept in empty European studios ON TOP on the drum riser or amps, so the rats and roaches wouldn’t get him… and he played for spare change in the subways there. “

◾He had gotten to the point of not even acknowledging former members years later when returning to some country or other. “Oh…hi”, he’d say, and look away. And he took to calling everyone “Hey Bass!”…and,  “YOU ! Guitar man !”

◾To be fair…his Swedish “Hurricanes” version, he stated, were the best musicians he’d ever had…and they lasted over 10 years.

◾One of the very last performances was Nov-Dec 2005 at the London Palladium. 

[D. Thomas, SAXMAN]

(London radio features Hurricane’s popularity)spencer ad radio

The bouncer and friend to all the Star Club musicians… Horst Fascher Book  Horst Fascher


img_1969 Long Lost Honkers & Twangers

pipeline magazine

starclub burns 001

star club marquee

star club colorized j h

beatles back to star club

ace records j & h 001Johnny and the Hurricanes… Hurricane Force…

Werner Voss (r.i.p) had Johnny Paris on Radio ‘NDR Hamburg’ a Rock and Roll show called Rock And Roll Museum. -1987

Dave Yorko was always worried about leaving this world. He talked about it often to his close friends. When Johnny died in 2006 Dave got even more anxious…

rossford oh library

hurricanes on stage

jerry and masks

jerry goin to workjerry back stage 2

Yeah…. we were all kickin’ it…..

buck lake 64 a

jerry kicks keys

Les Todd McDonald Sr.  and Jerry Lee Lewis

jerry and les 65

Ironically Toledo Blade.jpg

With many THANKS to….beatles adThis is Johnny getting a commemorative Album from his producers and directors. Harry Balk stopped by later to reminisce. John Gets Award 01Dave & Harry & Dick

◾Johnny toasted his band…his new wife…told everyone how happy he was….and passed away in 5 months.

exit john a

exit john a crop

exit john b crop

           It’s time to go…                                              


beatles yeah yeah
Beatles is all we hear